Web Design & Development


Website Design & Development

XtrazCon is a website design and development company that offers to deliver to you an attractive, responsive, and user-friendly website that will help you generate more conversions.

Years experience


Years experience
Talented expert


Talented expert
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Client satisfaction
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Global reach
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Instant support

Our Managed IT services will help you succeed. Let’s start.


Comprehensive IT services include

  • Web-Portal-Development

    Web Portal Development

    We create a web-based platform that gives access to various functionalities and content through an easy to navigate interface.

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    Custom Web Development

    We are a custom website development company and we’ll be happy to build you a website that is tailor made for your brand, product or organization. This website is specially created for your target audience, so you are placed on top of the competition.

  • eCommerce-Development

    eCommerce Development

    We also do website development for a new business, where you can buy and sell goods and services through the internet. This also includes transfer of money and data for these transactions.

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    CMS Web Development

    Our developers can provide you with an interface that create and edit content on your website.
    A CMS allows you to upload images to your website and insert those on the content you create.

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    Enterprise Web Development

    Our experienced designers will develop an application or a website for enterprise-level business, with quality that meets your expectations.

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    Support & Maintenance

    We will check your website regularly for issues and mistakes and keep it updated and relevant.


You get a range of benefits from our services

  • Easy Maintenance

    We will keep your website well maintained and attractive, which is important for any size enterprise, in order to engage and retain customers.

  • Cross-Platform Capabilities

    Software and hardware can run identically on different platforms, which means users can switch from one platform to the next, without having to convert data to a new format.

  • Saves Money

    You need not buy a robust hardware, to support your web developed software, maintain a number of systems and do time consuming updates.

  • Accommodates Expandability With Ease

    Your computer system has the capability to accommodate more memory, peripherals, additional disk drives that can enhance its performance and usefulness.

  • Small Initial Investment

    You only need a small amount to start a project, the amount of which you can offset later. You need not spend thousands on hardware and software upfront.

Don’t focus on technology more than your business, you’ll have the support you need. Let’s do it for you.

We are thankful that XtrazCon has built us a website that is user friendly and tailor made for our brand and created especially for our target audience
Greg Wilson