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Database Architecture and Framework


Database Architecture and Framework

XtrazCon’s Data architecture translates your business needs into data and system requirements and seeks to manage data and its flow through the enterprise.

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Years experience
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Comprehensive IT services include

  • Translation-of-business-requirements-into-technical-specifications-2

    Translation of business requirements into technical specifications

    data streams, integrations, transformations, databases, and data warehouses.

  • Defines-data-architecture-framework-standards-and-principles-2

    Defines data architecture framework, standards and principles

    modelling, metadata, security, reference data such as product codes and client categories, and master data such as clients, vendors, materials, and employees.

  • Defines-a-reference-architecture-1

    Defines a reference architecture

    a pattern others in the organization can follow to create and improve data systems.

  • Defines-data-flows2

    Defines data flows

    which parts of the organization generate data, which require data to function, how data flows are managed, and how data changes in transition.

  • Collaboration-and-coordination

    Collaboration and co-ordination

    data projects often span multiple departments and stakeholders, as well as partners and external vendors; the data architect is a focal point that co-ordinates all parties around organizational objectives.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Each user is able to access the data but has the customized view of the data as per the requirement.
  • The architecture allows the database admin to change the storage medium of the database without disturbing a user who is currently on the system.
  • The architecture allows the database admin to change the database structure without disturbing a user who is currently on the system.
  • When the basic code structure is developed it takes a little time to develop a new software from it.It saves time in building an application from scratch and therefore improves efficiency.
  • Using Framework minimizes time invested in building basic codes to save time and overhead associated with developing the application.

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XtrazCon looked at every major Case tool available and compared price, capabilities and ease of use. We despaired of ever finding a decent tool, the costs were high, the capabilities poor and the user interfaces were difficult to understand…
It's worth every penny to reverse-engineer a large custom app, just to print out huge overlapping (color) charts of tables and relations. I've never seen a client so impressed.