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Startup Consulting Partner


Startup Consulting Partner

As a startup business consulting firm, we will support the development of marketing strategies that your new enterprise needs, to move your company forward. Hence, we become your start up business marketing partner.

Years experience


Years experience
Talented expert


Talented expert
Client satisfaction


Client satisfaction
Global reach


Global reach
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Instant support

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Comprehensive IT services include

  • Market-Research

    Market Research

    We work with you, to make an in-depth research of the market industry, competitors, incentives, offers and other details, relevant to your business. Startup consulting services help with the early stages of your operations.

  • Planning-Assistance

    Planning Assistance

    We can assist you in planning for your business. We will create a plan, to market your products, services or solutions, for the purpose of helping you reach potential customers and make your business grow.

  • Task-Execution

    Task Execution

    We will get everything done. Our start up consulting services will help you execute the steps necessary, so that you can have a smooth start. XtrazCon always provides quality results.

  • Business-Growth

    Business Growth

    You’ll get our help for business growth. Our marketing campaigns produce results and our sales tactics always generate profits. We can grow your market share and customer base.


Our Managed IT Services Offer a Range of Benefits

  • Unbiased Feedback

    Our start up consulting service can provide you with the much-needed outlook, to the practices and core model of your start up. The feedback that we provide is not only about the concept behind your business, but also about critical matters, such as the details of the task execution.

  • Management Advice

    We will make our expertise and advice available to you, which you can apply to different aspects of your business. Working with experienced professionals are a source of insight in itself and helps in gaining clarity.

  • Creating a Road Map

    As your start up consultancy partner, we can help you create a road map or the objectives that will begin everything – analysis, strategies and statistics.

  • Expertise

    Expect us to bring in the required expertise and knowledge that will benefit you, which the existing skills cannot provide.

  • Market Research

    We will research the market and the segment in which you plan to grow your business and we will do it meticulously. We are alert to changes and development of various marketing sectors.

Don’t focus on technology more than your business, you’ll have the support you need. Let’s start.

XtrazCon has assisted us very efficiently in planning for our start-up business, their start-up business consulting service gave a direction to our new-born idea
Tom Clark