CRM Development


CRM Development

XtrazCon is a custom CRM software development company that can help you make better relations, with your existing customers, which can lead to increased sales and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Years experience


Years experience
Talented expert


Talented expert
Client satisfaction


Client satisfaction
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Global reach
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Instant support

Our Managed IT services will help you succeed. Let’s talk.


Comprehensive IT services include

  • crm-consulting

    CRM Consulting

    We are highly proficient with technology that can help organize and manage your complex projects, critical thinking, strong personal skills and advanced knowledge of customer relation management software.

  • CRM-Implementation

    CRM Implementation

    Our services allow your business to organize, automate and synchronize your marketing, sales, customer service and support and other facets of customer interaction.

  • Custom-CRM-Development-Solutions

    Custom CRM Development Solutions

    We will deliver to you a specific software product that is built, in accordance with your business goals. You will not only manage your relationship with the existing customer, but you will also attract potential ones.

  • CRM-Mobile-App

    CRM Mobile Apps

    Provides you with the ability to track, manage and respond to certain cases involving customer service. This will help you increase your response time and nurture with current and prospective clients.

  • 08-CRM-Integration-3

    CRM Integration Services

    You can integrate your data and platform into one spot, to allow your employees to work with a single data set, instead of multiple.

  • CRM-Support-_-Maintenance

    CRM Support & Maintenance

    We would like you to succeed in your CRM strategy, so that you can reach your objectives. We are here to help, if you wish to make a database migration, like if you want to shift from on premise CRM to cloud CRM.


We have a range of benefits to offer

  • Trustworthy Reporting

    Our services include a multitude of sales reports that will give you gainful insights into your business sales performance.

  • Dashboard That Visually Showcases Data

    You’ll be provided with a centralized hub of information that presents CRM data in a dynamic and interactive way.

  • More Personalized Outreach with Customers

    We introduce a new level of digital automation into your customer relations and ways to make the customer experience more personalized.

  • Proactive Service

    You’ll be helped to make the first move, to extend help before customers feel they need to reach out to you, for help.

Don’t focus on technology more than your business. You’ll have the support you need. Let’s talk.

XtrazCon helped us a lot with respect to our CRM development, which has resulted in increased sales for our business
Jonathan Sheen