Server Hosting & Support


Server Hosting and Support

Reap the benefits of a full IT infrastructure, with no cost on equipment maintenance, training and updates. XtrazCon offers you offsite management and upkeep of your company’s hardware resources. In our processes, we use the AWS cloud hosting and support, the Azure cloud hosting and support and the Windows server support.

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Years experience
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Talented expert
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Comprehensive IT services include

  • Dedicated-Server

    Dedicated Server

    We offer an enterprise grade physical server, in which you have the exclusive use of the entire server.

  • VPS-Server

    VPS Server

    (Virtual Private Server) mimics the dedicated server environment, within a shared server. It is cheaper in cost, than dedicated hosting, has better security, reliability and performance than shared hosting.

  • Cloud-Server

    Cloud Server

    A virtual server (rather than physical) that performs application- and information- processing storage.

  • Migration-Support

    Migration Support

    We can help you transfer your business IT resources, to a newer hardware infrastructure or a different software platform.

  • Backup-Support

    Backup Support

    Protect your data on your dedicated hosting using Cloud Backup, or set up a private Dedicated Backup Server in one of our data center’s to keep backups of all your data, no matter where it’s hosted.

  • Code-and-scripting-support

    Code and scripting support

    A program or sequence of instructions that is carried out or interpreted by another program and not by the computer processes.


Our services offer a wide range of benefits

  • High Performance and Security

    Dedicated server is better than shared hosting, as you are not sharing your space, with any potential spammer or a malicious software. You get more stability, reliability and security.

  • Flexibility

    Your server can be customized according to the requirements of the RAM, disc space, CPU and software.

  • Server Resources are not shared

    With a dedicated server, you get all the resources of a server that will not slow down. There won’t be other applications sharing your space and clogging up the RAM and CPU.

  • No Purchases and Maintenance

    Dedicated hosting is a low-cost way, to access the server resources, as maintaining the server equipment is included in the service, you then reduce the overhead of your business.

  • Full Control

    You get complete control of the server, because no one shares it with you.

Don’t focus on technology more than your business, you’ll have the support you need. Let’s talk.

XtrazCon provides a reliable server hosting service, hence we are very happy we partnered with XtrazCon for this purpose
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