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Cloud Computing

XtrazCon is a DevOps services company, with Cloud computing services that ensures your company can have access to endless range of features and solutions at a speed that suits you. This technology makes this feature easy to upgrade and enhance in any environment.

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Comprehensive IT services include

  • Cloud-infrastructure-1

    Cloud infrastructure

    You’ll have the components – hardware, abstracted resources, storage and network resources – needed to host services and applications on the cloud. It’s the same as what is offered by the DevOps consulting services.

  • Disaster-Recovery-1

    Disaster Recovery

    It is a cloud computing service model, where you can back up your data and IT structure in a third party computing environment.

  • Cloud-Backup-1

    Cloud Backup

    Cloud back up is the process of backing up data to a remote cloud-based server. It is a form of cloud storage that enables you to store and access data, from various server sources, making up the cloud environment.

  • Virtual-Desktop-2

    Virtual Desktop

    It is the hosting of desktop environment on a central server, which is a form of virtualization as the specific images run within the virtual machines and sent to end-clients, over a network.


Our services and those of the DevOps consultant, offer a range of benefits

  • Efficiency/Cost Reduction

    The cloud is scalable, so it promotes efficiency. Moving to cloud applications or storage can help maximize space and cut energy costs and may also lead to decrease in labour and maintenance costs. There is also less demand for in-house staff.

  • Data Security

    Your company data is secured in a cloud environment, regardless of whether it is at rest or in motion or whether it is managed by you or by a third party.

  • Scalability

    You can increase or decrease IT resources as needed, to meet changing demands. This is one of the hallmarks of the cloud that makes it popular to businesses.

  • Mobility

    Cloud mobility is about balancing costs and resources between the public and private cloud services. Your company will also have the flexibility, to adapt to changes in different business.

  • Disaster recovery

    Back up and disaster recovery in cloud computing means storing applications and critical data in the cloud storage and falling over to a secondary site, when there is a disaster. This process can be automated.

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We’ve got the best guidance from XtrazCon through their cloud computing services, hence we are now able to host services and applications in the cloud
Steve Lin