Full Stack Development


Full Stack Development

XtrazCon specializes in software development across a full range of technologies, from front-end prototyping to a complete set of back-end services.

Years experience


Years experience
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Talented expert
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Client satisfaction
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Global reach
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Instant support

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Comprehensive IT services include

  • Frame

    Sails dot js

    Sails dot js is an application of the web framework developed in a Node.js environment. It is an open service software, which comes under the MIT-license that allows developers to write fast and powerful network applications in JavaScript.

  • Laravel


    Laravel is an open-sourced web MVC framework for PHP. It is used to make the tasks in the web project easier, such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching.

  • djangoproject-icon-1


    DJango is an open source phython website framework used for pragmatic, maintainable, clean design, rapid development and secure websites.

  • yii2-icon


    Yii2 is an open-source PHP framework, built around the MVC composite pattern. It allows developers to create robust projects rapidly.

  • MVC4-Icon


    MVC4 is a framework for developing testable and maintainable website applications, under the MVC pattern.

  • backbonejs-icon-1-1


    Backbone.js is a lightweight JavaScript library, where developers can structure the client-side applications on the web browser.


Get a range of benefits from our services.

  • Cost Saving

    When it comes to cutting costs, a full stack development company is a feasible option. When you bring the whole process into one manageable process, you can be sure of efficiency from start to finish. These drives cost down.

  • Easy to Take Ownership of Design & Implementation

    A professional full stack developer takes responsibility of the entire design and putting it into effect.

  • Easy to Upgrade

    A full stack developer can get the latest technologies and tools faster than anyone, who specializes only on front and back-end technology.

  • Comprehensive Work

    As full stack developers, we can handle all the work of databases, systems engineering, servers and clients, depending on what the work flow required.

  • Whole Solution to Problems

    Full stack developers master HTML and CSS, program a browser like using JavaScript,  Angular.js program a server like using Node.js service.

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I’m really amazed at how XtrazCon handled all the Full Stack Development work on the databases, servers, systems engineering, as required by the workflow
Ed Burton