Marketing Analysis & Planning


Marketing Analysis & Planning

Marketing research allows you to discover your target market and determine the success of your products/services. Our Marketing analysis and planning allows you to make the best marketing strategy, and our marketing executive plan will outline what you find from your research.

Years experience


Years experience
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Talented expert
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Client satisfaction
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Global reach
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Instant support

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Comprehensive IT services include

  • Access-to-the-right-participants

    Access to the right participants

    XtrazCon uses online platforms and targets searching for qualified participants for each research, survey or interview. We offer a large, dynamic and responsive cloud-based panel, to address a range of business questions.

  • 22-Our-research-creates-serious-impact-1

    Our research creates serious impact

    Our Research, Strategy and Marketing departments work hand in hand, to provide you with seamless processes, for insight impact.

  • 26-Taking-your-brand-to-the-next-level-1

    Taking your brand to the next level

    Our results speak for themselves. The unique insights we gain for you, can be directly applied, to help you make better choices for your offerings to customers and your brand’s position.

  • Digital-research

    Digital research

    All our research is done on the cloud, so it is faster, more convenient and more global for responders and researchers.

  • Combining-science-with-marketing

    Combining science with marketing

    Our methods are tried-and-tested with market research that leads to more relevant information.


Our services offer a range of benefits

  • Helps your business strengthen its position

    Market research helps you gain a better perspective and understanding of your market or target audience. It also makes sure that your company stays ahead of the competition.

  • You can identify opportunities in your market

    Investing in a research campaign, can easily identify tweaks that you might need, thus saves you time and money.

  • Can help guide you in the way you communicate with your customers

    Once you have your research results, you can have enough information to come up with ideas on how to communicate with your customers.

  • Measures your reputation

    Exploring your company’s reputation, allows you to understand why and how your brand needs adjusting.

  • Small initial investment

    Managed IT services help you offset the initial investment of technology costs. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on hardware and software upfront.

Don’t focus on technology more than your business, you’ll have the support you need. Let’s talk.

We are grateful to XtrazCon for their help in identifying our target audience with the help of their effective marketing analysis and planning, which further aided us, in making the best marketing strategy
Michelle King